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  1. Migrating Birds: The V-Formation

    Migrating Birds: The V-Formation

    © mimadeo / Adobe Stock When you see birds migrating, have you ever wondered why they fly in a V-formation? Scientists have long debated the very same thing and now a new study has concluded it's to save energy during...
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  2. Who Knew about the Shrew?

    Who Knew about the Shrew?

    Although it resembles a long-nosed mouse, the shrew isn't a rodent, but rather a relative of the mole and hedgehog. There are 385 known species, making it the world's fourth most successful mammal family.
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  3. To A Snowdrop – by William Wordsworth

    To A Snowdrop – by William Wordsworth

    Despite its delicate appearance, it is a surprisingly hardy plant and provides a welcoming sight after a harsh winter.
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  4. The Eager Beaver: Our Climate Saviour

    The Eager Beaver: Our Climate Saviour

    The beaver is a large semi-aquatic rodent that has been reintroduced to the wild in Britain after being almost wiped out due to over-hunting.
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  5. The January Garden

    The January Garden

    Although the weather might not be great, now is the perfect time to carry out those important January garden maintenance jobs in readiness for the spring. There's plenty you can do around your garden this month to bring benefits later on in the year.
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  6. What the Jackdaw Saw!

    What the Jackdaw Saw!

    The jackdaw is one of nature's most intelligent birds, as well as being an incredibly sociable creature. This lively little bird can recognise individual humans - a rare skill in the animal kingdom, attributed only to magpies, pigeons and chimpanzees.
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  7. January Brings the Snow

    January Brings the Snow

    One of the most evocative poems about the changing seasons, January Brings the Snow, was written almost 200 years ago by English poet Sara Coleridge.
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  8. Emily Bronte: A Wreath of Snow

    Emily Bronte: A Wreath of Snow

    Author Emily Bronte is best known for her only novel, Wuthering Heights, about the doomed romance between brooding anti-hero Heathcliff and his childhood friend, Catherine Earnshaw.
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