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  1. Woody Woodpecker!

    Woody Woodpecker!

    Woody Woodpecker is one of the most famous characters from the golden age of American animation. The colourful anthropomorphic bird with the distinctive cheeky laugh has been appearing on our screens for nearly 80 years - he never loses his...
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  2. Hans Christian Andersen: The Ugly Duckling

    Hans Christian Andersen: The Ugly Duckling

    You don't have to be a child to enjoy the wonder of a fairy tale. For many people, a childhood love of the stories of Hans Christian Andersen is something they will remember for the rest of their life...
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  3. Roland Rat: Rat Rapping!

    Roland Rat: Rat Rapping!

    Roland Rat was the unlikely idol of UK breakfast television in the 1980s. The "cheeky chappie" rodent, who spoke with a broad Birmingham accent, was a presenter on TV-AM. He rose to fame and later became a pop star too...
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  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    The beautiful ballad, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, is one of the most famous and best-loved songs of all time. It was composed by American songwriters Harold Arlen and Edgar "Yip" Harburg for the 1939 fantasy musical, The Wizard of Oz...
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  5. Animals in Space

    Animals in Space

    Celebrations are taking place this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on 21st July (0256 GMT) 1969 by United States astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, known collectively as the crew of Apollo 11...
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  6. Tarka the Otter

    Tarka the Otter

    Telling the tale of an otter living in his natural habitat in the country around the River Torridge and River Taw in Devon, Tarka the Otter is one of the most famous and irresistible novels of all time...
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  7. Nancy Sinatra: These Boots are made for Walking!

    Nancy Sinatra: These Boots are made for Walking!

    Nancy Sinatra might be known as the daughter of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra, but over the years she has enjoyed a successful singing and acting career in her own right. In particular, the pop ditty 'These Boots are made for...
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  8. Giant Haystacks

    Giant Haystacks

    Wrestling fans of today's younger generation are likely to be swept up in the glitz and glamour of the American WWE franchise. They will cheer on the good guys, boo the baddies and follow the outrageous story-lines each week on...
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